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This Course Is For You If:

  • You've had a c-section

  • You are afraid to exercise because you don't know what is safe

  • You don't like the look of your scar

  • Your abs feel weak

  • You feel stiff

  • You want to look and feel better
As new moms, we often don't get guidance on healing our bodies after having a baby.

With a C-section birth, your body not only goes through pregnancy and delivery, but you also have abdominal surgery. Yet, you are left with very little guidance afterward and a newborn to care for.

This is why I created this course.

This course will provide four weeks of guided videos on how to massage your scar, how to strengthen your abdominal muscles safely, how to start moving better, and how to integrate that all into a full-body workout.

You will have lifetime access to all the videos, so if you don't get to them right away, you can come back to them anytime.

What we'll cover:

Scar Massage
Most medical providers never tell you how to make your scar look and feel better but only inform you when the scar heals. In this course, you will learn scar massage techniques to smooth out any bumps and make your abdomen and pelvis look and feel healed—no more pulling feeling from the incision site.

Abdominal Strengthening
Learn how to safely and adequately strengthen your abdominals with the weekly videos. We start with the basics to ensure you use your muscles properly and then teach you progressively harder exercises to challenge you.

Full-body Strengthening
This course will take you step-by-step through safe exercises and, in the final week, integrate what you have learned into a full-body workout that is safe and effective.

What You Will Learn:

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  Week 1: C-section scar recovery
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  Week 2
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  Week 3
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  Week 4
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Real Life Results

"I’ve been doing everything in those first few videos and WOW have they made a huge difference already. I can feel the flexibility and strength in my trunk improving." K.Y.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Carri Dominick is a doctor of physical therapy and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

She graduated from Stony Brook University with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2006.

She is the owner of Recharge Therapy in Long Beach, CA.

She has been treating pelvic floor conditions throughout her career and is passionate about helping people with their pelvic floor problems with accurate information and compassion (and not just kegels).

She began creating online courses in 2019 in order to help more people because not everyone has access to a pelvic floor therapist near where they live.

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